Work Smarter.

Created by a promoter for promoters

In the not too distant past I used to manage a large team of promoters in Salt Lake City. When the team was small using text messages and spreadsheets was an alright way to organize the team but as we grew it soon became unwieldy. So, I created Promote4Me. The only promoter management platform that not only makes your life easier, but also understands the financial realities of being a promoter. I never had $50 a month to spend on management for a handful of my promoters, so why should I expect anyone to pay that much for my software?

Promote4Me allows you to manage a team of any size, across multiple cities and states, for less then the cost of a cup of coffee per month.

If you don’t like it. Cancel anytime.

That’s my promise.


Effortless location management.

Ditch the spreadsheets. Manage and share your required locations with your team in the cloud.

Managing dozens of locations with a spreadsheet can get really complicated very quickly. Instead, use the location manager in Promote4Me to find locations by category & add them to your list. Then, when your promoters login to the Promote4Me website they can see ALL of your locations AND find locations that are within a mile of them.

Location owner kick you out?

No problem. Just remove it from your list and it automatically updates with ALL of your promoters.

Easy peasy.


Location Driven Photos.

We make it easy to prove your work.

On the promote4me mobile site users can take a photo of the fliers, posters, or signs they placed. When the photo is uploaded we take the location information from the phone OR the location information from the image itself and log it in our system for later. So, not only can you see that your team did what they were supposed to do, you can also know WHERE they were.

Promote4Me will also attempt to match the location where the picture was taken with locations that you’ve specified in the location manager to better aid with analytics.




Unparalleled Analytics.

Know what’s happening in real time.

The most important thing in marketing is figuring out where you can do better. With Promote4Me you can find out what locations have been visited and how often, find areas that need attention, see how your team has been performing, and even find out which days have the most activity. In seconds.

No guesswork. No angry phonecalls. Just simple, easy, and happy, analytics.


Simple Scheduling.

Get your people where they need to be. On time.

Need your people at a certain place on a certain day to promote your brand? No problem. We’ve made it easy to get the schedule to your team by offering a simple and intuitive scheduling interface. Just click on a day, and add what locations you’d like visited, what events you need fliers at, or simply what you want your team to do that day. All with a simple mouse click.

Oh yeah.


Easy User Management.

Build your team in seconds.

Stop forgetting who is on your team and who isn’t. Add, edit, and remove members of your team with easy controls in seconds. Invite new members easily with nothing but an email address. They’ll do the rest.


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